Fluoridation Is Bad News
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Are you willing to take direct action against Anglian Water over the issue of water fluoridation? It may be simpler than you think.

We believe that everyone should be given the choice whether or not to have fluoride added to their water. Currently, if you don't want it, the only alternative is to have it filtered out. Since the issue is not just about drinking water, that means a whole house water filter if you're going to do it properly. (Fluoride can be efficiently absorbed through the skin and/or inhaled in showers and baths. It also gets into your clothes for further absorption.) Whole house water filters are expensive, costing anywhere between 500-1,500 pounds depending upon the specification of the unit. So...

We have decided to give Anglian Water a choice. They can either pay outright for a whole house filter to be fitted to our properties, or, if they refuse to install one after a reasonable period of time, we will stop paying our water bills until we've built up enough funds to pay for one. In addition, they will also be liable for the change of filter cartridges every six months or so. (Remember, Anglian Water cannot disconnect your water by law, and you do not intend to suspend payment indefinitely.) Now, we, the organisers of the 'End the FIB' campaign are definitely prepared to do this.

The question is, are you?

If you are, then simply check the box at the bottom of this page. When we have gained enough people, we will present Anglian Water with a letter of intent giving them 2 months to get water filters installed for all of the people who have agreed to take part. The letter will fully detail the case against water fluoridation from a scientific, ethical and legal viewpoint. If after the 2 months is up and no action has been taken, you must be prepared to stop paying your water bill, until such time as:

  • they have installed a filter of the correct specification, OR
  • you have saved sufficient funds to install one, OR
  • they have stopped water fluoridation

Now, Anglian Water can obviously do a few things in response:

  1. Stop water fluoridation! This is our aim, so we hope they choose this course of action. Let's say that the average filter costs 1,000 to buy and install. If we get 100 people to sign up for this, then that's 100,000 worth of water filters. That vastly outstrips any profit they'd make from fluoridation. Then there's the continuing costs of filter cartridges. We will be sending the shareholders of Anglian Water copies of the initial letter of intent. The media - newspapers, television and radio - will also get copied. That will bring some direct pressure to bear.

  2. Install the water filters. OK so we're protected inside our houses, but what about restaurants, other peoples houses, the environment etc - the campaign will still continue in this case.

  3. They can threaten legal action. If they go this route, it will definitely involve some very unhealthy publicity. Anglian Water have had their fair share of criticism in the past regarding environmental issues, so will they be eager to go there again? Also, if we do get 100 people willing to do this, that's a lot of individual paperwork to be dealing with. Obviously the more we get, the more difficulty Anglian Water face.

Well, enough talk! If you're prepared to join the direct action, then simply check the following box. We will send out an e-mail before we send the first letter of intent to Anglian Water. If you change your mind, you can always update your petition details or respond to the e-mail asking not to be included. (The checkbox will appear again on the upcoming petition page.)

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