Fluoridation Is Bad News
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OK, What have we done so far?

Well, in reverse chronological order, this is the list...

November 7th 2003Placed petitions in various Castle Road shops.
November 7th 2003Sent a response to Patrick Hall's letter further detailing the case against fluoridation.
November 5th 2003Received a follow-up letter from Patrick Hall. He has promised to look at the outcome of the Medical Research Council reports, the nature of the public consultation planned in the government water bill amendment, whether or not the bill will cater for reopening consultation in areas which are already fluoridated and whether it is practical for individuals to filter out fluoride on a large-scale basis.
November 4th 2003Campaign committee meeting. Decided to take signatures in Bedford town centre on 29th November, as well as organising a talk by Dr. Graeme Munro-Hall for sometime in January.
November 1st 2003Talked to Patrick Hall about the campaign in his roving surgery. He stated that on balance he is for fluoridation, but definitely supports consultation.
October 26th 2003Finally listed all of the councillors and MP's on the site and contacted them by e-mail.
October 23rd 2003Paul gets some more TV exposure - interviewed for a piece on water fluoridation for the BBC Politics show due to be screened 9th November 2003 BBC1 as 12.00PM
October 20th 2003Committee meeting to discuss publicity routes
October 2003Positive Health Magazine - article by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall on the dangers of fluoride.
October 7th 2003Secured as another address for our site. More memorable and easier to spell than! We'll continue to use both addresses.
October 6th 2003Paul phones National Childbirth Trust press office in London, to get official statement on fluoridation. Directed them to this web-site. Local branch say they will raise the issue in upcoming November committee meeting.

Also, 2 people start spontaneous fluoridation conversation with Paul in post-office!! Word is starting to get around.
October 2nd 2003Contacted National Childbirth Trust in Mid-Beds by e-mail to get opinion on fluoridation.
October 1st 2003Paul gives statement for Chiltern FM about the site and the new action.
October 1st 2003Finally, TV exposure! Paul gives television interview on BBC Look East. Mainly highlighting threat of non-payment for water bill.
September 30th 2003Contacted Anglian Water Press Office to discuss their response in Beds On Sunday. No change of opinion despite arguing that they have a responsibility to consumers.
September 28th 2003Official release of web-site and Beds On Sunday article detailing site and civil disobediance plans.
September 7th 2003part of Cynthia's letter for BASG re: 'antifluoride' in National paper - The Observer.
September 2003Cynthia writes letter to Chief Executive of Anglian Water asking how they will cope with requests for compensation etc.
August 31st 2003Beds on Sunday internet poll, plus fluoride article. In 1 week, 473 people voted, 89% of those against fluoridation.
August 22nd 2003Cynthia writes to the PM Tony Blair, also Ms Melanie Johnson MP, Minister for Public Health; Andy Burnham MP (Leigh) and Mr David Lammy, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health.
August 15th 2003Letter in Times and Citizen from Sue Matthews Chair of BASG mentioning 8 July debate and asking for the people to be consulted re: fluoridation.
August 3rd 2003BoS feature covering Anglian Water demo.
August 1st 2003Franca Garrick writes to Patrick Hall supporting 'no fluoridation' and asks for the people to be consulted again.
July 30th 2003Anglian Water AGM - No Fluoride demonstration.
July 16th 2003Wrote to Simon Joynes, Enviromental and Health Department asking the Borough Council's policy on fluoride.
July 8th 2003Open Debate arranged by BASG and Paul, between Dr Sue Gregory/Alan McMichael and Dr.Graeme Munro-Hall. Also there Jane Jones/George Glass from NPWA and Barry Groves selling his book.
July 6th 2003First feature in BoS on fluoride.
July 2003Paul gets air-time on Chiltern FM and BBC Three Counties radio to advertise fluoride debate.
June 2003Cynthia sends letter/invitation for 8 July debate and fluoride info. to doctors and dentists within Bedford town.
June 3rd 2003Write to all Borough and County Councillors giving info from Barry Groves book on Fluoride on telling them of the 8th July Talk/Discussion.
June 2nd 2003Write to Patick Hall asking him to support EDM1258.
June 1st 2003Cynthia return letter/info to Norman Williams in BoS + another letter of support by Margaret Wright from Health Spokesman, Eastern Region Green Party.
May 28th 2003Paul meets with Cynthia to discuss this issue, co-organises 8th July talk and changes it into debate.
May 25th 2003Two more supportive replies in BoS one from RT Burnapp and the other from Sue Bedford.
May 18th 2003Reply letter re: Water in BoS by Norman Williams.
May 2003Information starts to be sent to MP Patrick Hall on a regular basis.
May 11th 2003Cynthia's letter published in BoS (2nd attempt).
April 2003Gave Cllr Nicki Attenborough B. Groves's book to read.
April 2003Cynthia starts leafletting Castle Road area(and anywhere else) advising July talk.
March 2003Dr.Graeme Munro-Hall airs fluoridation views on Three Counties Radio - on three separate occasions.
Summer 2002BASG decide to arrange the Talk on Fluoride by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall for 8 July 2003.
March 2002Cynthia begins writing to Anglian Water and later to Bedfordshire Health Authority on the subject of fluoridation.