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Bedford has not been fluoridated for the past 2 years due to equipment failure!!! Join us at our upcoming talk and help us to make this a permanent change.

The Facts About Fluoridation.

Keynote speaker professor Paul Connett Tuesday 4th June 2013, 7PM at the Corn Exchange Bedford. Tickets £3 from the Central Box Office, call 01234 269519.
Fluoride Armageddon?
Welcome to this site from Paul Armstrong, on behalf of the 'End the FIB' campaign committee.

How many times have you heard an expert say that a substance is 'safe'? It happened with lead, it happened with asbestos and it happened with thalidomide. We're not alone in thinking that fluoride is worse than these, and unbelievably the health authority put it in our drinking water! BUT, this site is about making your own mind up. If you want something snappy, because you've only got a minute or so to spare, then this is the link for you. Otherwise, read on!

Quick Start

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For those of you living here in Bedfordshire, did you know that your tap water has fluoride added to it by Anglian Water? I didnít, though it's been going on for around 30 years now. If you're anything like me, you might have a vague notion that fluoride is good for your teeth, but that's about it. That's certainly one side of the story - the one that I regard as the FIB - and it's a story you can find here. I have absolutely no problem with providing links to the pro-fluoride arguments, because I'm firmly convinced that anyone who investigates all aspects of this issue with an open mind will come to an opposite conclusion. Namely:

That the practice of water fluoridation is at best highly dubious and at worst, an extremely serious health risk.

The main focus of this campaign is to get the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority to reopen consultation on the issue. If you are undecided about fluoridation, then the consultation process will allow you to listen to both sides of the debate. To sign the petition to reopen consultation, click here.

Cynthia Bagchi of the Bedford Allergy Support Group pointed the issue out to me. She had sent a number of letters to Anglian Water, Bedford's water provider, as well as the local health authority to confirm the situation.

After 2 weeks of internet research I was sufficiently concerned enough to co-organise a debate on the subject with Cynthia in Bedford. The debate finally put everything into perspective for me. Collectively, myself, Cynthia and the Munro-Halls (local dentists opposed to water fluoridation) can't get fluoride out of Bedfordshire's water fast enough!!! For a summary of our objections, click here. To start at the beginning, click here.

Just two events to put this all in perspective though:

  • the Swiss city of Basle is ending fluoridation after 40 years. Their council is citing lack of clear evidence of the benefits and environmental reasons for justification

  • Bradford Council recently passed a motion against fluoridation, stating "Its supposed benefits are based on unsound medical science, It is harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, It defies all common medical ethics"

We know that Bedfordshire will be a safer and healthier place to live without fluoride in the water and we hope that we can count on your help and support to make it happen. To find out more about what we're doing, click here.

Best Regards,

Paul Armstrong, on behalf of the 'End the FIB' campaign

P.S. Please, please, please do publicise this site to your family, friends and colleagues in Bedfordshire. Everyone has the right to make up their own mind on the subject after examining both sides of the issue.

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