Fluoridation Is Bad News
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Your Local Representatives

A complete list of the councillors for Bedfordshire can be found at the Councillors/MP's page. You can click on a councillor's name to be taken to the contact details for him or her. Local MP's are:

Patrick HallLabourBedford and 5 Mill Street, Bedford MK40 3EU
Alistair BurtConservativeNorth-East House of Commons,Westminster, London SW1A OAA
Jonathan House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A OAA
Kelvin HopkinsLabourLuton 3 Union Street, Luton, Bedfordshire LU1 3AN
Margaret MoranLabourLuton 93 Castle Street, Luton

Contact Numbers

Want to let Anglian Water know how you feel about fluoridation, or obtain more information about fluoridation?

Anglian Water Press Office: 0870 6005600

The Beds & Herts Strategic Health Authority have the final responsibility for fluoridation in Bedfordshire:

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority: 01727 812 929

How Bedfordshire Fits Together Politically

It's somewhat confusing when you're trying to figure out councils, wards, constituencies and the whole political gamut for your local area. So, here's a breakdown:

Authority UnitDescription
Parish These are the smallest political units of democratic division and can either be designated 'ecclesiastical' (centred on an Anglican church) or 'civil', where the parish is an independent local democratic unit for villages, for the smaller towns and for the suburbs of the main urban areas. Parish councillors are elected for 4 years at a time, with the parish council having a number of formal powers:

Many provide allotments: look after playing fields, village greens and other ways of getting exercise such as swimming pools. They have a hand in communications by maintaining or guarding such things as rights of way, bus shelters and public seats: smaller scale street lighting: a very important thing in which they are concerned is the provision of halls and meeting places, as well as having a right to be notified about planning applications in the area.
WardA ward is another unit of democratic division. These, however, are used as the basis for appointing councillors to the larger borough or district councils in local elections. The councillors represent the interests of the ward areas in the councils.
District CouncilDistrict councils are responsible for housing, parks, sports, arts and entertainment, land, use planning permission, environmental health, waste collection and recycling, street cleaning, council tax collection, council tax and housing, benefits, electoral registration and administration. Local district councils are:

Mid-Befordshire District Council & Bedfordshire District Council
Borough CouncilA borough is a district council that has been granted a Royal Charter. The top civic dignitary in a borough is a mayor. They have the same responsibilities as district councils. Local borough councils are:

Bedford Borough Council & Luton Borough Council
County CouncilCounty councils have a two-tier structure of local government and are responsible for education, libraries, social services, trading, standards, waste disposal, highways and transport, strategic land use and planning. The local county council is:

Bedfordshire County Council
ConstituenciesA constituency is a geographical area consisting of a number of wards grouped together. Voters living in that area elect one person to serve as a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. The number and boundaries of constituencies are periodically revised by the Parliamentary Boundary Commissions in the light of population movements. There are separate Parliamentary Boundary Commissions for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Local constituencies are:

Bedford & Kempston, Mid-Beds, North-East Beds, Luton North, Luton South