Fluoridation Is Bad News
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If like us, you've decided that you're out and out against fluoridation, then why not join us for some direct action? We're planning to stop paying our water bills until we have accumulated enough money to pay for a whole house water filter. Anglian Water will also be liable to pay for the water cartridges which require changing every 6 months or so. To find out about this action in more detail, click here.

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The remainder of this page concerns registration for our on-line petition. This will be the hub of our argument against water fluoridation in Bedfordshire. We intend to collect enough signatures to make the Beds and Herts Strategic Health Authority reopen the consultation process on water fluoridation in the county. At this stage, it doesn't matter if you're against fluoridation or undecided. When we get a proper consultation process established, everyone will get to hear both sides of the story and make their own minds up.

To provide verifiable proof that our petition represents local strength of feeling, we do need to collect address details and you must live in Bedfordshire. However:

We promise that your information will remain entirely confidential. It will not be used for any marketing purposes or spamming. The only organisation to receive your details will be the Health Authority when we submit the petition unless you tell us otherwise.

First, what is your opinion of water fluoridation? 

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