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Logging In

To use certain features of the site, either a user name or an e-mail address is required. See below for more information on these. You must also provide a password. The term 'Logging in' or 'Login' simply means to provide these details again. After logging in, we can match your entry in our database and recall your information when necessary.

For instance, say you provide an e-mail address (or user name) and password when you sign our petition. If you return to our site at a later date, you can enter these at the home page in the 'Site Login' box. Then, if you go to the petition page, the details you first entered will reappear and you will have the chance to alter them and save the changes. So, to be able to change your petition entry after you have completed it, you MUST provide either an e-mail address or a user name, plus password.

E-mail Addresses

Having an e-mail address is not necessary to sign our petition. The reason for this is that not everybody may have access to a permanent e-mail address, but may have occasional use of an internet connected computer. So, if you fill in our petition you don't have to provide the e-mail address field. If you do provide your e-mail address:

We promise that your information will remain entirely confidential. It will not be used for any marketing purposes or spamming. The only organisation to receive your details will be the Health Authority when we submit the petition unless you tell us otherwise.

When you provide us with an e-mail address, we will send you an e-mail to confirm that the address belongs to you. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail to confirm your registration. Your petition entry will not be valid until you confirm via the e-mail.

User Names

A user name is required if you don't provide an e-mail address and still want to update your petition entry. It is also required if submitting entries to the discussion forum to assure your anonymity. The user name can be anything you'd like it to be - a nickname etc.