Fluoridation Is Bad News
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Fluoride Accused

Well, it's a long list, but then it's quite a low-level neuro-toxin. Click on the name of the health effect to do a Google search.

Health EffectDescription
Dental Fluorosis Dental fluorosis is a condition characterised by mottling, staining, pitting or erosion of the teeth. Such fluorosis can range from mild to severe in effect, but is the first visible sign of systemic fluoride poisoning and is irreversible. The link between fluoride ingestion and fluorosis is scientifically established and accepted. Similarly, the link between water fluoridation and high incidences of fluorosis is also accepted. According to the York Report in 2000, close to 50% of the population in water fluoridated areas can expect to develop this condition to some degree.
Skeletal Fluorosis Skeletal fluorosis is a bone disease caused by excessive consumption of fluoride. In the early clinical stage of skeletal fluorosis, symptoms include pains in the bones and joints; sensations of burning, pricking, and tingling in the limbs; muscle weakness; chronic fatigue; and gastrointestinal disorders and reduced appetite. In the second clinical stage, pains in the bones become constant and some of the ligaments begin to calcify. Osteoporosis may occur in the long bones, and early symptoms of osteosclerosis (a condition in which the bones become more dense and have abnormal crystalline structure) are present. Bony spurs may also appear on the limb bones, especially around the knee, the elbow, and on the surface of tibia and ulna. In advanced skeletal fluorosis, called crippling skeletal fluorosis, the extremities become weak and moving the joints is difficult. The vertebrae partially fuse together, crippling the patient. Most experts in skeletal fluorosis agree that ingestion of 10-20 mg of fluoride a day for 20 years or more can cause crippling skeletal fluorosis. Doses as low as 2 to 5 mg per day can cause the preclinical and earlier clinical stages. People in Bedfordshire may be receiving the lower dosages from their total fluoride intake dependent upon their diet.
Down Syndrome Individuals with Down syndrome have recognizable physical characteristics and limited intellectual endowment which are due to the presence of an extra chromosome 21. Some studies have associated increased prevalence of this condition in fluoridated areas.

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