Fluoridation Is Bad News
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Fluoride Free?

If you want to make your household as fluoride free and/or as healthy as possible, then this is the place to be.

Personal Care Products

Health Leads UK Ltd This site is probably the best UK site on the internet for ordering products which contain completely natural ingredients. Besides the fluoride-free toothpaste, you can order washing and cleaning agents, vitamins, supplements and herbs. They have also begun to stock the 'Green People' range of personal care products which includes natural soaps and shampoos. This is a truly excellent site. They even claim that, since the cleaning agents are vegetable based, they can actually be swallowed without harm!!
Healthy Choices Healthy Choices specialises in a range of toxin-free toiletries, including dental care products free from fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate. They are highly recommended by a growing number of dentists and health practitioners around the world for their safety and effectiveness in preventing and combatting tooth decay.

If you would like to try these toxin-free products, Healthy Choices offers all F.I.B visitors a 10% discount off their first order.

Water Filters

Earthly Goods Fits water filters locally. Contact Len Tindall on 01480 812004. (Don't forget you'll need a reverse osmosis filter, a distiller, or a filter which has an activated alumina cartridge to remove fluoride.)


Fluoride - drinking ourselves to death? Barry Groves An excellent, well-researched resource for examining the case against fluoridation - targeted in particular at the case put by the British Fluoridation Society.
Cynthia Bagchi still has some copies left at 10 each!
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