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We, the undersigned individuals, hereby notify the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Strategic Health Authority (and all other relevant local bodies) that we want consultation to be started with immediate effect as to whether fluoride should be added to Bedfordshire water.

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NumberNameTownPolitical RoleDate ProvidedComment
1Paul ArmstrongBedford-27/09/2003Let's get consultation underway ASAP so we can get fluoride out of Bedfordshire water.
2tony fowkesBedford-28/09/2003I am convinced , having read the arguments for and against fluoridation that a full public consultation should be held . Everybody should be made aware of the possible harmful effects of fluoridation . Anglian Water say they have no opinion on fluoridation . Well they bl**dy well should have !!! Aren't they concerned that the water they are supplying could be seriously damaging the health of their customers ? Come on , Anglian Water , that's a cop out . Admit that more research is required and
3Mandy AldomGreenfield-29/09/2003 
4Cynthia BagchiBedford-29/09/2003Thanks for putting this site together. I feel so grateful for you vision and hard work. You are doing us all a great service.
5AnonymousKempston, Bedford-29/09/2003 
6AnonymousBedford-01/10/2003By putting these chemicals in our water, the water companies are either forcing people to drink this type of contaminated water, or else, are swindling the people out of more money by forcing them to buy clean expensive drinking water from supermarkets when they already pay alot of money to the water companies for supplying them with what is supposed to be safe "drinking" water in the first place. This is extortion and an abuse of power. A similar situation would be if all GB supermarkets / f
7Len SimkinsBedford-01/10/2003 
8Graeme Munro-HallStagsden-01/10/2003Fluoride causes cancer, osteoarthritis, birth defects and a whole host of other health effects. Let's get it out of the water.
9Lilian Munro-HallStagsden-01/10/2003It's time for fluoride to be taken out of Bedfordshire water, so let's do it together.
10Sue BedfordKempston-01/10/2003As a mother of 4 children affected by dental fluorosis (mottling of the teeth), I was led to believe that fluoride was good for dental health. Since discovering that the fluoride used in toothpaste and water is artificial and has never been tested for its safety to human health, I have taken active steps to prevent my children from being further poisoned by this toxic waste. In my profession as a nurse, it is unethical to administer medication against a patient's wish, yet that is exactly wha
11Tracy BrightenAmpthill-06/10/2003My 13 year old daughter has dental fluorosis and inexplicable cataracts which have occurred since birth. I was advised by a dentist to give her fluoride drops as a baby (Luton apparently did not have fluoridated water) and have since been told by a dental consultant that he would never recommend ingesting fluoride. I am very concerned about the possible damage to our health by excessive fluoride and the difficulty in measuring the levels we consume.
12Sue FletcherBedford-08/10/2003 
13AnonymousBedford-08/10/2003Great initiative, keep it up!
14brenda aukettlidlington-10/10/2003 
19David SmithBedford-11/10/2003There are too many chemicals in our environment as it is and we are told that they will either do us no harm at present concentrations, or they are good for us! How do we know how they interact over the long term? Fluoride is not necessary and should not be added to our water. We all use water and will have no choice but to consume fluoride.
20David MaxwellBedford-12/10/2003 
21Alison SandyBedford-12/10/2003 
22Claire ArmstrongBedford-12/10/2003 
23Jennifer CliffordBedford-14/10/2003 
24Ann V KnightBedford-20/10/2003 
25Jean LotanBedford-20/10/2003 
27William Alfred HuntBedfordCouncillor27/10/2003 
30Apu BagchiBedfordCouncillor28/10/2003The people of Bedfordshire should not have fluoride forced upon them if they don't want it.
31TRACY HYNESCOPLE-29/10/2003I thought my teeth discolouration was just age related (I'm 37!) - but since I've found out that Beds water is floridated I'm sure it's down to that fact. I've been here for just over 2 years and I've had a noticeable deterioration in the whiteness of my teeth.
32Lynda E Aylett-GreenBedfordCouncillor29/10/2003 
33Muhammad Siddiq KhanBedfordCouncillor29/10/2003 
34Celia HamiltonLeighton Buzzard-30/10/2003 
35Helen BentonWilstead, Bedford-04/11/2003 
36penny jonescaddingtonCouncillor11/11/2003give local people a say in what goes into their water
37Richard C StayBedfordCouncillor11/11/2003 
38Sylvia A GillardBedfordCouncillor11/11/2003 
39Patrick HallBedfordMember of Parliament14/11/2003 
40AnonymousLeighton BuzzardCouncillor17/11/2003 
41Shan HuntBedfordCouncillor19/11/2003 
42steve warnershefford-20/11/2003 

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