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1Neil MitchellUnited Kingdom11/12/2008I live in Buckinghamshire but support your campaign
2Jonathan EyreUnited Kingdom18/12/2008Remember, the scientific proof of Fluorides effectiveness is from the same historical time (1940s) and has the same rigor as the corporate companies and public announcements that radiation, asbestos, smoking and lead in petrol all had safe dosages (Primary Health Care professionals take note). I was born in Bedford in 1955. How much fluoride have I been dosed with by the brick works gases? I remember the smell over the Town to this day. And now you have fluoride in the drinking water! Has anyone done tests on the fluoride content of the land, on the content of locally grown vegitables, on food processed in fluoridated water? There is no safe level of fluoride. Fluoridation of drinking water must be stopped. Let me know how you are doing. Regards Jonathan email
3Darren GreeneUnited Kingdom24/02/2009Hi, I'm from Birmingham, so I guess I am (and have been) drinking fluoride in my water for oh, well forever now then :( I FULLY support this campaign and want someone to also protest regarding removing this toxin from our Birmingham water too!! The pro-fluoride arguments don't make ANY real sense. Water is essential to life as nature has proven - Fluoridated water IS NOT! Fluoride deficiency is not in question, 90+% of people regularly brush their teeth. These people do NOT need this COMPULSORY 'dose'. I have perfect teeth, but In a trade-off, I would gladly lose all of my teeth, than having an arm or leg amputated, or my brain-chemistry and IQ damaged. One can only reasonably logically conclude that there is some 'other' ulterior motive to this fluoridation programme from the authorities (secret agenda?). Looking at the type of characters responsible for these decisions - should it be any surprise? What's that? "There must be something in the water" ... you don't say! ... this is surely yet another attempt by the ruling ELITE to try to 'dumb-down' and handicap the 'supposedly' inferior masses. For a group who 'claim' to really believe they are genetically superior, they don't half go out of their way to cripple their 'lesser' competition. They are obviously scared stiff of us 'lesser' mortals ... and rightly so... WE have the real power... PEOPLE-POWER. It's time to fight back! Darren.
4zeth whiteUnited Kingdom27/02/2009this is ridiculus it should not be in any water it is cancerus it causes all sorts of health problems,this is all part of the new world order dumming down of population and to cut down the population,this country need to start protesting and stop letting these tyrants get away with this
5Suva AichUnited Kingdom30/03/2009I support this cause.
6Frank Crook,United Kingdom30/06/2009 We do not want Toxic fluoride in OUR drinking water, Fluoride as been used in America for many many years yet still has the highest levels of tooth decay in the world,
7Simon WattsUnited Kingdom20/07/2009The SHA in Southampton is trying to force fluoridation upon us here in Hampshire but we are fighting hard. The so-called consultation process was an embarrassing mix of ineptness and misinformation. In the consultation document (both in print and online) they didn't even manage to correctly name the districts that would be fluoridated, so many residents had no idea it would be happening to them. Then the SHA ignored the fact that the two public votes showed more against it than for it. We need to support one another. Good luck to you in your endeavours.
8simon tompkinsUnited Kingdom29/09/2009I disagree with this forced mass medication of the people. Leave us alone!!!
9marion colledgeUnited Kingdom18/10/20094 Beverley crescent Bedford I was pleased to get your leaflet in my letter box which prompted me to log on to the site. The site needs updating though. You seem to need a new MP for Mid Beds? Please write to me at and tell me how I can get my water tested for lead and fluoride. Thanks Marion
10A heavily fluridated BrummieUnited Kingdom09/02/2010Hi I am from Birmingham and fluoride was added to water here back in 1964 2 years prior to my birth. We were very much the fluoride guinea pigs ! My entire family and myself exhibit some or all of the symptoms which I believe Fluoride causes including polymyalgia, arthritis, alzheimers, muscle weakness, and many more. I have recently stopped taking in fluoride by switching to non fluoride bottled water and using it for cooking and all oral intake. I am pretty angry at not being able to escape it in my washing water etc and feel it to be an infringement to my rights. Borax the known chemical which can defeat fluoride has recently been banned - though I have no idea why, so i cant even add that to bath water etc. I must warn also though that there are side effects in coming off fluoride so anyone considering withdrawal should be aware of this. Headaches and nausea are two of the most common that I and my family have experienced. I knew nothing of all this until very recently and having been alerted to the whole fluoride scandal I intend to become active in making others aware also. I have been in contact with several large organisations to ask their views on links with things such as Alzheimers but on every occasion have met with a wall of silence. I am starting to get a little concerned as to why this is the case and wonder if anyone has met with similar ? Ill pop in regularly to keep an eye on how things are going in Beds - All the best with your campaign A heavily fluridated Brummie
11ClaudiaUnited Kingdom28/02/2010I live in Herts. Funnily enough (or not so funny) I only just stumbled on this issue. I recently changed my toothpaste and simply wanted to look up whether I made the right choice for my son.......imagine my horror when I learned about fluoridation of water!!! Firstly I was shocked that I knew nothing of the kind for so long. Secondly, I can't believe the government would actually consider it! Water should be pure and untarnished. NOTHING should be added to it....if someone wanted something extra in their water, it in a shop then. Personally, the argument of whether fluoride is good or bad is not even relevent....the main principle is mains water supply should be pure! Even people who believe the benefits of fluoride can see that! Sending you all my support! Don't let them do it!
12Andrew PennettUnited Kingdom13/04/2010I believe it's fundamentally wrong for water authorities to supply anything other than pure water.
13Michael SiveyerUnited Kingdom29/06/2010I have been listening to Alex Jones at for a while now. Yesterday he was hammering on about the effects that Sodium Fluoride has in drinking water in the US. Niavely I thought no they wouldn't be doing that over here, but a call this morning to Thames Water left me horrified when I was told we are getting 0.111 ppm of Fluoride. You would think that with modern labelling laws a water company would be required to indicate on the bill what they are putting in their product. I have email my MP and the Drinking Water Inspectorate with some questions. Planning to contact the West Herts Hospital & NHS Trust tomorrow as I understand they have instructed TW to mass medicate us. Good luck with your campaign and thanks for all the useful info on the site. Regards Mike
14Eric RowlandUnited Kingdom02/07/2010I am totally opposed to the prospect of having this toxic substance (fluoride) added to the public water supply. We have to pay for our water, and so, should have a say in how it is formulated.
15Mr P TaylorUnited Kingdom10/10/2010Fluoridation is BANNED in most EU countries and so it should be here in the UK too. They are administering a toxic waste product that has NO medical licence, is that legal? This contaminant is in toothpaste, mouthwashes, tablets, food and also in many drinks. The proper due diligent and ethical studies to prove just how bad this stuff is can be seen at :-
16KennyUnited Kingdom26/10/2010Lovin' the site! Living in Shortstown, have followed fluoride for a while.
17Mr S ThomasUnited Kingdom14/01/2011Keep up all your great work in opposing fluoridation!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why on earth would ANYONE want hexafluorosolicic acid in their drinking water supply, even at 1ppm it has NEVER been proven safe. This stuff is a pollutant in the air, a pollutant if added to our rivers and lakes, cannot be dumped at landfill sites, yet it is somehow OK to dump in our water supplies!! Get the F out of water!
18Darryl TurnerAustralia23/03/2011Keep up the great work, and what would be great is if, all the antifluoridationists around the world, could band all their resources together and educate the public about fluoride's toxicity in the media to start a public debate at least. Anything to get the public to understand what the heck is really going on with water fluoridation all co-ordinated at the same time. Just a thought. Cheers from Darryl in Adelaide, South Australia
19Trevor AllportUnited Kingdom08/04/2011Although I do NOT live in a fluoridated area, I am totally against what I can only describe as a malicious act clouded with misinformation. The medical professionals that promote this outrage without research should be immediately removed from their posts. They are a disgrace to the hippocratic oath. What is of even more concern, are the people at the top who are AWARE of the damage being done but as the side effects are beneficial to their plan for World Government, they welcome this damage. Their hope is that eventually we will ALL be X-Factor/Jeremy Kyle Show-watching cretins that accept slavery, a police state and faked terrorist attacks to keep us subservient and reliant upon the government. We need to stop voting for the three main parties as they ARE COMPROMISED. We only THINK that we are electing a new government but in reality, the Corporations and Private Banks own all three of these parties. Fluoridation is only ONE example of Science being hijacked. Another is the Climate Change issue. Demonising the beneficial gas of CO2 for both taxation and CONTROL. Vote UKIP for a GENUINE change in government and to take back our freedoms. I wish you well and assure you that I am fighting for you and will continue to do so.
20mark brookerUnited Kingdom30/06/2011our government is corupt, the courts are corrupt, everything that we are born into is corrupt. We are brainwashed from the word go. I have recently had allot of time on my hands and have been doing allot of research on what the hell is going on in humanity and its staring people in the face but we are blind to it because of the brainwashing that has been going on. 3 people I would like to bring up so you can if you like, you the option to view the information given for yourself and research there information yourself and other sources. riK Clay, akex collier, david ike and there many more sources where that will lead. I am just letting you know how aware of the big picture I am and that this is one of many issues and I would like to help in what ever way I can. personally I think that everyone waking up to the fact that we are being treated like slaves, the whole system is corrupt Government, Education, Religion, Royalty, banks the media its all controlled by the same people.

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